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When You Need New Locks Only Expect the Best

Don’t wait long to get new locks in your doors after moving into a new place or if you just need extra security after a roommate leaves. Call the experts at UNLOCKER and get the peace of mind you need. You never know who has a copy of an old lock. You never know who might be waiting for just the right time to return. Getting new locks is a quick, easy, and efficient way to make sure no one has access to your home and family but you.

What are the Benefits of New Locks?

There are a number of benefits from getting new locks on your home or business. These range from the immediate to the long term. Below is just a sampling of the benefits of getting new locks.

  • Rest assured that you now only have the new key to your home.
  • Lock out prior owners or tenants or anyone who may have obtained a key
  • Lock out prior dog sitters or nannies or unknown friends that may have a key
  • Stay safe after a roommate or partner leaves the house or business
  • New locks can help you stay secure when safety is a issue or concern

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Let us let you rest well with new locks. All our technicians are trained for the latest lock technology; from standard locks to keypad entry we can supply your home or office with the tech you need to secure you and your valuables. All the locks can either be re-keyed or replaced in the course of one or two visits. Don’t let time get in the way of your peace of mind. Call us today to learn about what we can do for you.
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